MPPS V22 programavimo įranga


MPPS V22 galingas programavimo įrenginys skirtas skaityti / įrašyti operacijoms, palaiko checksum, papildomai galima atkurti sugadintus failus, atstatyti ECU’s, kai kiti įrenginiai net nesijungia. (Kai kur dirba ant tuščios atminties)

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x MPPS V22
1 x Software
1 x USB cable

Būsena: Atvyksta
Pristatymo laikas: 4-7 darbo dienos

Produkto kodas: CTI0000048 Kategorija: Žymos: ,


Kalbos: Afrikaans, Albanees, Bahasa Melayu, Czech, Cymraeg, Dansk, Deutsch, Esti, English, Espanol, Filipino, Finnish, Francais, Galego, German, Hrvatski, Indonesia, Italiano, Kiswahili, Latviesu, Lietuviskai, Magyar, Malti, Nederlands, Norsk, Polska, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovencina, Slovenski, Srpski, Suomea, Svensk, Turkish
Operacinės sistemos: Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 10
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Garantija: 12 mėnesių

MPPS V22 Features:

  • Excellent recovery functions. In some cases MPPS can recover ECU’s which others tools can not even make communications with. On certain controllers it even works when with no program is present (a blank memory).
  • Selectable full / partial reading and writing when the ECU allows this function.
  • Selectable reading / writing speed.
  • Writing “changes only” function for faster programming (when supported by the ECU).
  • Auto detection of K-Line/CAN, and option to bypass and force preferred means of communication.
  • Temporary bypass of immobiliser to allow flashing on the bench on ME7 systems.
  • Boot mode support for ECU’s with C167 and ST10 processors.
  • EEprom read/write functions for some ECU’s are included.
  • Added new FRF decryption in Tricore Boot.
  • Added PSA ME7.4.5 K-line/CAN and Special mode.
  • Added Opel Vauxhall ME9.6.
  • Added Renault Delphi DCM 1.2 Can.
  • Added VAG Simos 6.2/6.3.
  • Corrected a problem with Delphi E87 checksum.
  • Added new antituning search for EDC17 ecu’s.
  • Added (M)EDC17 Slave ecu’s both TP2 and UDS.

Tricore Boot + OBD Unlock Module Features:

  • TPROT / DS check feature, for testing if TPROT is active without opening ECU
  • Auto detects ECU and processor type. No need to select from list, everything is automatic!
  • Read/Write of all memories Eeprom, Irom, Xrom (where possible)
  • Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU’s in boot mode (supports only VAG at the moment)
  • Support for unlocking of VAG Simos PCR and Simos 8 with external eeprom.
  • Checksum Correction supported for Bosch MEDC17 irom and eeprom.
  • Checksum Correction supported for Simos PCR, Simos 8 and SID208, SID209, SID305, SID807 irom
  • NEW! Support for Bosch Service Mode to read password on ECUs using TP12+
  • NEW! Special file utility for creating OBD unlock files from VAS FRF/SGO containers (flash containers are not provided!). This function will allow you to work completely from OBD on locked ECUs!