Hitachi MaintenancePRO (MpDr) system allows dealers to monitor information about hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, actual engine speed, etc., that is sent from sensors or switches. Allows dealers to check failure codes occurring in the electric system. If any error code occurs, it will display the error code, the meaning of the error code and the necessary corrective action. To optimize production, program can adjust engine speed and hydraulic oil pressure, etc.

Package contains:

1 x USB to 4/6-pin cable

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Multi-Language: English, Japan
System updates: Available
Internet connections: Available
Warranty: 12 months

Supported Models:

Mini Excavator (under 6 ton):
• MC (OPT)
• ZX-5B(ICF) (OPT)
• ECU (with/without MF)

Hydraulic Excavator:
• ZX-7
• ZX-6 (MC/ECM, DCU)
• ZX-5G/6G
• ZX-5
• ZH-6 (MC/ECM, DCU)
• ZH-5
• ZX-3G
• ZX-6A (6t-7t) (MC, ECU without MF)
• ZX-5A (Yanmar) (MC, ECU without MF)
• ZX-5G,5A (6t-7t) (MC, ECU without MF)
• ZX-3
• ZX-1
• EX-5
• EX-3 or earlier

Large Excavator (40 ton – under 100 ton):
• ZX-7
• ZX-6 (MC/ECM, DCU)
• ZX-5
• ZX-3
• ZX-1
• EX-5
• EX-3 or earlier

Mining Excavator (over 100 ton):
• EX-1200-7 (MC, DLU3)
• EX-1200-6 (MC, DLU3)
• EX-7 (BPU, DLU3)
• EX-5
• EX-1

Wheel Type Hydraulic Excavator:
• ZXW-7 (MC, ECU(Deutz))
• ZXW-6 (MC, DCU(Isuzu), ECU(Deutz))
• ZXW-5
• ZXW-3
• ZXW-1
• EXW-3 or earlier

Wheel Loader:
• ZW-7
• ZW-6 (MC, DCU(Isuzu), ECU(Deutz))
• ZW-5 (MC, ECU(Deutz))
• ZW-1

Dump Truck:
• Rigid Dump (AC2, AC3, EH-3, EH-5)

Crawler Carrier:
• RD
• EG-3
• EG-1

Road Construction Machine:
• CP
• ZCP-6 (MC, ECU)
• ZCP-5 (MC, ECU)
• ZCM-5 (MC, ECU)
• ZCS-6 (MC)

Wood/Soil Recycling Machine:
• SR-6 (ECM, DCU)

• 2G/3G Mobile Terminal
• HPRO-100(mini)/QConnect
• Rewrite The Controller (CAN)
• Rewrite The Controller (ZX-7)
• Unit Test of Li-ion Battery
• Communication Terminal (KTDC17)