Perkins 1204F-E44TA T4F SCR / DOC Emulatorius QC (Plug & Play)


Perkins 1204F-E44TA T4F SCR / DOC Emulatorius QC. (Plug & Play)

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x Perkins 1204F-E44TA T4F SCR / DOC Emulatorius QC (Plug & Play)

Būsena: Turime
Pristatymo laikas: 1-3 darbo dienos


Most important features:

  • Emulation of whole SCR / DOC system
  • Plug & Play solution (don’t need any learning)
  • Fully water resistant
  • Produced from industrial components

Emulated Components of SCR system:

  • NOx Sensor Downstream
  • NOx Senosr Upstream
  • NH3 Sensor
  • Urea quality / Level Sensor
  • PETU/DCU Control Unit
  • Urea pump
  • Exhaust Temperature Sensors

Our emulator support special internal SCR system test managed by Engine ECM, consequence of this is automatically disable of engine torque reduction (idle speed) without any special diagnostic tools! Just install device, heat the engine, all errors will go to inactive.

Example Compatible machines:

Doosan CE

  • DX140LC-5
  • DX140LCR-5
  • DX160LC-5-HT
  • DX180LC-5
  • DX180LC-5 HT
  • DX165W-5
  • DL200-5
  • DL200TC-5

Hyundai CE

  • HX180L
  • HX145LCR
  • HX140L


  • 102S ALPHA Backhoe Loader
  • 102B ALPHA Backhoe Loader

Terex / Mecalac

  • TLB Series of Backhoe Loaders


  • 624 Backhoe Loader

Engines compatible: 

  • Perkins 1204F-E44TA