NOx Sensoriaus Emuliatorius skirtas VOL EUR5 sunkvežimiams


NOx Sensor Emuliatorius VOL EUR5 – VOL EURO 5 NOx emuliatorius modeliams VOL FH, FM, FL, FMX. Vienas NOx emuliatorius imituos abu NOx jutiklius, abiem jutikliams imituoti reikia tik vieno NOx emuliatoriaus. Pasižymi visišku NOx emuliavimu, kartu su instrukcijomis, palaikymu ir visa garantija.

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x NOx Sensor Emuliatorius VOL EUR5

Būsena: Turime
Pristatymo laikas: 1-2 darbo dienos


Garantija: 12 menesių

Why you need NOX Sensor Emulator

NOx Sensor Emulator DAF EURO 5 can save you a lot of money comparing to the purchase of new NOx sensors. It will not interfere with other electronic modules on the vehicle. There will be no OBD DTC errors, engine power loss or limp mode initiated. The engine will run smoothly even with damaged or disassembled catalytic converter. It will show normal NOx (nitrogen oxides) emission levels.

Emulator usually installed into the original NOx control module box so there will be no signs of its installation. Diagnostic tools will recognise this emulator as OEM NOx sensor. It’s easy to install and safe to use.

Attention! NOx emulators are illegal in some countries. You should check your local laws or laws of those countries that you might cross with your vehicle. NOx emulator alters SCR system thus makes the vehicle to produce higher exhaust gas emissions. EURO 6 and EURO 5 vehicles equipped with NOx emulator device will no longer match those EURO standards. Our NOx emulators designed for countries where environmental rules are less strict, and there are no requirements for vehicles to satisfy EURO 6 or EURO 5 regulations. By purchasing any NOx emulator, you assume full responsibility for the use of the device. It’s your personal decision to use an emulator or not. We will not accept any liability for any consequences associated with usage of NOx emulator devices.