Microtronik Autohex 2+HexTag Profesionali BMW grupės programavimo iranga

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Microtronik Autohex 2 Profesionali BMW grupes programavimo iranga, tai vienintele pasaulyje iranga kuri pilnai leidžia atlikti raktu programavima, ECU programavima, tai pilniausia galima Autohex2 komplektacija. (Kartu su HexTag)

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x Autohex 2 įranga (WVCI HW 4)
1 x HexTag BDM ir Raktų programeris
1 x BMW standartinė licenzija
1 x ISN Boot Modo licenzija
1 x BMW ECU Programavimo licenzija
1 x BMW Raktų Programavimo licenzija
1 x BMW ISTA/D driveriai
1 x 12 Mėnesių techninė pagalba
1 x 12 Mėnesių įrangos garantija
1 x 12 Mėnesių ONLINE programavimas

Būsena: Užsakoma
Pristatymo laikas: 4-7 darbo dienos

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Using this kit you can do following:

  • Read old ISN in BMW E series for following Ecus:D62M57A0, D62M57B0, D60PSA0, D50M57A0, D50M57E1, D60M47A0, D60M57A0, MEV9N46L, ME9N45, ME9N62, ME9E65_6, N73_L0, N73_R0, ME9N62_2, MSV70, MS450DS0, N62_TUE, N62_TUE2;
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW E series from following Ecus: MSV80, MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85Y, MSS60, MEVD176K, ME17N45, MED17_2, MED17_2N, MEV17_2, MEV17N46, MEVD174K, MEVD174KW, MV1722, MVD1722, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1723, MEVD1725, MEVD172Y, MEVD17KW, D70N47A0, D70N47B0, D71N47A0, D71N47B0, D71N47C0, D71N47D0, D72N47A0, D72N47B0, D73N47A0, D73N57A0, D73N57B0, D73N57C0, D73N57D0;
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW F series from following Ecus: MEVD172Y, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, N63TU_L0, N63TU_R0, S63TU_L0, S63TU_R0;
  • ISN Reading from Tricore Ecus by boot mode;
  • Individual Programming for any Ecu in BMW E and F series;
  • ECU Swapping if hardware is matched;
  • CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ read and write ISN and SK;
  • Key Programming For E and F series (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 ,CAS4+, FEM, BDC);
  • BMW E series EGS ISN matching with CAS;
  • BMW F series EGS 8HP EWS Resetting;
  • BMW E Series, F Series and G Series coding for all Ecus (calculation of ECU coding is calculated from FA);
  • BMW advanced coding (manual coding);
  • Vehicle order modification and backup and restore from LM,FRM,…ETC;
  • Do diagnose and service functions from Autohex II (Read and erase fault codes, data stream values, activations, reset adaptation,…);
  • Use BMW ISTA-D on Autohex II WVCI (BMW ISTA-D Driver);
  • Unlock secrity of BDC and FEM to able to: Change BDC and FEM VIN, Change BDC and FEM ISN, Mileage Reset for BDC and FEM, and making a key for BDC and FEM;
  • Read and write ISN of MSD85, MSD87, MSV90 in F series;
  • Read and write CAS 1,2,3,4 EEPROM and FLASH 100% safely using HexTag tool;
  • Read and write other modules from BMW,Mercedes, Audi, and others BDM protocol by HexTag tool;
  • Modify KOMBI Mileage by HexTag tool;
  • Renew all BMW keys, and many other brands by HexTag tool.

Autohex 2 BMW Functions:

Programming BMW Ecu individually

BMW Ecu Programming is an easy to use with Autohex II, it performs Flashing the Ecu with latest version,code it,Change VIN, and other functions in one step.

BMW ISN Reader and Writer Software

BMW ISN Editor Software in Autohex II lets you read ISN from DME, match it with CAS. This is essential for DME or CAS replacement, Autohex reads ISN from wide range of DME/DDE

Coding BMW ECU individually

Autohex 2 ECU coding for BMW is a straight forward function, you can choose between Auto and Manual coding to encode the Ecu you wish

BMW Ecu Manual Coding

Autohex II BMW Software can do two methods of Ecu coding, auto coding which will be calculated from FA, and a manual coding for Ecu modification

BMW Vehicle Order Editor

Autohex 2 BMW Software can write FA into CAS from other Ecus,backup FA in other Ecus, also you can modify the vehicle order safely

BMW EGS ISN Synchronization

Autohex II supports EGS EWS Reset for 6HP in E series and EGS EWS Reset for 8HP in F and G series, only few steps are required

CAS Firmware

For making keys, reading ISN and changing VIN for CAS which comes with specified part numbers, will not work just through direct reading, CAS Firmware function should be done to make it work

BMW Key Programming E Series And Mini

BMW Key programming by Autohex 2 is done by OBD, No dump is required. including CAS with latest update and all keys lost. it supports all BMW Models as well Mini cooper.

FEM and BDC Unlocking

Autohex II is the only tool that can unlock FEM/BDC without soldering, and it is the only tool that regenerates a secret file, and the only tool that can restore FEM back

AutoHex 2 BMW Update Log:

AutoHex 2 BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.56:

ISN Factory mode for MEV1723 DME (MINI and F series) has been added in this version.
EGS EWS Reset function is able to support more versions of EGS in F and G series.
USB Driver has been upgraded to support latest versions of Windows 10.
Power supply monitor in Autohex II HW4 has been improved to allow poor power supply to be able to work with AutoHex.

AutoHex 2 BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.55:

ISN Factory mode is available in this version. With this function you can read/write ISN in DME and DDE besides to modify the working hours without opening the DME/DDE. We are happy to announce that Autohex II is the only tool that supports this feature.
Flash data updated for BMW F and G series as well as MINI and Rolls Royce.
Ecus calculations from BMW vehicle order has been enhanced to support latest models in F and G series.
ISN by OBD II for F series has been enhanced to support more Ecus versions.
ISN Boot mode has one more DDE to support.

AutoHex 2 BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.54:

A new function for replacing FEM/BDC (including key transferring from original to donor) is available in this version, users can use this function from CAS replacment.
Deleting keys from CAS4,CAS4+ FEM and BDC is available in this version, users can use this function from key programming.
Fixed the FA parsing for new models (2018-2019) in F and G series.
Turkish language is supported starting from this version.
Other languages is updated in this version.

AutoHex 2 BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.48:

Added following models for coding and programming: F23, F88, F90, F97, F98, G01, G02, G08, G11, G12, G13, G30, G31, G32, G38.
Mileage reset for FEM and BDC is available from Unlocking Function (see picture).
ISN can be written in FEM and BDC (from ISN manager)
Added new diagrams in ISN boot mode to help HW4 users in making the connections.

AutoHex 2 BMW Version 1.0.47:

A new enhanced software version is available for all BMW Autohex users which rectified all issues regarding FEM/BDC unlock and more stabilized for programming ECU using E-net. Unlike the old versions getting secret file from FEM/BDC can be done all on bench. No need to go for advanced option for unlocking. software has become 100% safer and stable for programming FEM – GW and FEM – BODY on bench without any working key. Also Ethernet allows users to flash units like HU-H,KOMBI..etc in F series in reduced time period without any error.