FormulaFLash ECU / TCU Chip Tuning Programavimo Įranga


FormulaFLash yra naujiena, viskas viename dėl ECU ir TCU programavimo darbų. Įranga komplektuojama kartu su 12 mėnesių licenzija, po metų įranga neužsirakina, reikalui esant galima prasitest atnaujinimus.

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x Formulaflash Įranga
1 x OBD Kabelis
1 x Connection cable: power cable European standard
1 x Connection cable: power cable US standard
1 x USB Kabelis
1 x Power Kabelis
6 x set of pin adapteriai
1 x Kabelis skirtas NEC 76F00xx
1 x Color coded wiring harness

Būsena: Atvyksta
Pristatymo laikas: 4-7 darbo dienos


Formulaflash includes:

  • Easykill V2.0.rar
  • Hard Cut.rar
  • DTC Remover .rar.
  • ImmoOff17 V.2.1162.rar
  • VAG EDC15 IMMO OFF.rar
  • ECU Safe Solutions- 2 versions.rar
  • Immo Universal Decoding 3.2.rar
  • Winols Damos Files Pack 2020
  • Winols 4.7 Software
  • ADS-DPF EGR Lambda Remover 05.2017 Full.rar

Formulaflash Highlights:

1. Software and hardware support online update
2. No email or password registration required, one-click activation via computer network
3. Supports Bench, no need to open the cover, and the obd and boot functions will be updated in the future.
4. Support MD1CS018, MD1CS016, DQ381, DQ380,MG1CA094,MD1CS015,MD1CE108,MD1CC878,MD1CE100C etc.

Formula Flash New Update: Version:>

Bench model added:
MD1CC878 type2,
MD1CE100C read and write EEPROM and FLASH

Formulaflash features:

1. Fast search, Easy to use, Stable and powerful, Light and easy to carry, Connection diagram full coverage, Technical support.
2. Multi-functional use: ECU clone, fast data reading and writing, VIN modification, IMMO off, Power upgrade, DTC clean.
3. Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Russian, Korea, Chinese.
4. Connection Methods: BENCH, OBD, BOOT( obd and boot functions will be updated in the future).
5. Supply multiple vehicle types: BIKE, TRUCK, TRACTOR, BUS, BOAT, CAR.

Formula FLash FAQs:

Q1: What are the features of Formulaflash?
A1: Formulaflash is an independently developed ECU reading and writing product. Comprehensive capabilities, rich software models, and high cost performance

Q2. Is there a difference between master and slave in Formuflash?
A2: Formulaflash does not distinguish between master and salve. It reads all the files of the original ECU, which is equivalent to the master version.

Q3. What functions does Formulaflash currently have and what models does it support?
A3: The models supported by Formulaflash cover: Bike/Car/Boat/Tractor/Truck/Industrial/Van/Bu. Please check the function list for specific models and annual fees.

Q4. Is FormulaFlash software stable and reliable?
A4: The software we currently release ensures stable customers, and they are released after extensive testing and verification.

Q5. Is FormulaFlash a clone of magicmoto Flexr?
A5: Formulaflash is not a Flex clone. They have their own R&D team that will continuously upgrade the software.

Q6. Will FormulaFlash be upgraded?
A6: Of course it will be upgraded. Formulaflash’s hardware and software are independently developed, and the products will continue to be upgraded.

Q7. How much does a Formulaflash subscription cost? What services are included?
A7: New users are free of charge for one year of subscription, and the subscription fee after one contact us for information. The update function will stop after the subscription fee expires. Updated software can continue to be used.

Q8. Is Formulaflash stable in quality? Is there any warranty?
A8: Formulaflash products have been fully tested to ensure stable quality. It also supports a 1-year warranty.

Q9. How to activate Formulaflash?
A9: When you use it for the first time, the software will prompt „Do you want to activate it?” After selecting „Yes”, the product is ready for use.

Q10. Can Formulaflash be used offline without internet connection?
A10: It cannot be used offline, because the data and verification of a large number of functions of the device require real-time communication with the server.

Q11. How to install Formuflash?
A11: a. Open the downloaded driver package and follow the prompts to complete the driver installation.
b. Open the downloaded software package and run the formulaflash.exe program in the software package.

Q12. Does FormulaFlash support OBD function?
A12: It has OBD interface and OBD cable. There is no OBD software in its first version, but they will be updated in subsequent upgrades.