iPROG+ PRO key programming, odometer correction, airbag reset, ECU programming device (10 Adapters + Full Probes set)

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iPROG+ PRO key programming, odometer correction, airbag reset, ECU programming device supports vehicles up to 2020. Support many different functions like: Odometers correction by OBD2, EEPROM programming, multimedia unlocking, key programming (IMMO, Transponders), IMMO-key auto dumps, airbag data reseting (Removes crash data), read and writes processors, DPF programming, transfers reading from miles to km, supports keys from intercom, reading PIN code from dump (some models) and many more useful functions.

Package Contents:

1 x Iprog+ Main Unit
1 x RFID 125+134 Adapter
1 x EEPROM Adapter
1 x UARTBDM Adapter
1 x OBD Cable
1 x CAN Adapter
1 x Kline Adapter
1 x Welding Line
1 x PCF79xx SD Card Adapter
1 x Universal RDIF Adapter
1 x Probes Adapters set
1 x DVD

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Multi-Language: English
Compatible Software: V84
Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
System updates: Available (Contact us to check if there’s an available update)
Internet connections: Available
Warranty: 12 months


  • Working with odometers on OBD2 connector;
  • Working with odometers on the table through adapters;
  • Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder;
  • Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking;
  • Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps;
  • Working with the airbag computer, deleting crash data;
  • Transfer readings from miles to km;
  • Read and write processors and its used in cars;
  • Removing the particulate filter in the dump;
  • Working with keys to the intercom;
  • Realign Pin cod from dump (some brands).

Adapter test:

Airbag reset:




Key programming:


Mileage correction: