Xhorse VVDI ID48 Chip (48 Transponder Copier)


Xhorse VVDI ID48 Chip (48 Transponder Copier, (Tai originalūs Xhorse chipai))

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x Xhorse VVDI ID48 Chip (48 Transponder Copier, (Kiekis pasirinktinai!))

Būsena: Atvyksta
Pristatymo laikas: 4-7 darbo dienos

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Support Chip Types as below:

  • Can be used for VW, Audi, Great Wall, Volvo 48 chip car’s copy and adaptation

We are excited to introduce the new ID48 cloning solutions for your Xhorse VVDI2 that will allow you to clone transponder chips. For some of the most popular makes and models on the market.

ID48 (96bit) Online Cloning
The ID48 (96bit) Online Cloning software licence allows you to snoop the vehicle data from the ignition switch and calculate online

You can add spare keys with no quantity limits.
You need an Xhorse VVDI2 ID48 Data Collector (sold separately, Click here) to snoop vehicle data from the ignition switch.
Token-based: To clone a transponder chip you need one XHORSE Token for Cloning ID48 or 100 Bonus Points (1 token=100 bonus points).
When you buy this software licence, you will get 1500 bonus points = 15 tokens.
Makes and models supported (for guidance only): All car types with ID48 transponder chips.

ID48 Offline Cloning
With the ID48 Offline Cloning software licence, you can clone ID48 transponder chips just by connecting your device to the OBDII port of the vehicle.


  • Supports „all keys lost“ situations
  • Supports keyless go systems
  • No soldering required
  • No tokens required
  • Makes and models supported (for guidance only): Any model where you can read the CS/PIN from ECU (majority of JCI new type dashboards 2016-EOS; Volkswagen Scirocco; Audi Q3; Tiguan keyless go system; some 24C64, 24C32 dashboards etc.)

To use the ID48 cloning function, you also need the Xhorse Id48 transponder chip.