M-BENZ MP-V SCR/DPF Emuliatorius (EUR6 2019- ACM3)


M-BENZ MP-V SCR/DPF Emuliatorius (EUR6 2019- ACM3) – Pagamintas Europoje iš aukščiausios kokybės komponentu. (Kiekvienas emuliatorius yra ištestuotas)

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x M-BENZ MP-V SCR/DPF Emulatorius (EUR6 2019- ACM3)
1 x Paleidimo Instrukcija

Būsena: Turime
Pristatymo laikas: 1-2 darbo dienos


Most important features:

  • Emulation of whole SCR / DPF system (ACM)
  • All you need to mount it is connect four wires
  • Fully water resistant
  • Very small device
  • Produced from industrial components

Emulated Components of Aftertreatment system:

  • Pump including pressure sensor
  • NOx Sensor Downstream
  • NOx Sensor Upstream
  • Combined temperature sensor
  • DPF differential pressure sensor
  • Urea level and temperature sensor
  • ECU ACM 3

Models compatible:

  • Actros MP V
  • Atego
  • Arocs
  • Econic
  • Listed Models with ACM 3