KEYDIY KD-X2 Raktų programatorius su nemokama ID48 96Bit transponderių kopijavimo funkcija


KEYDIY KD-X2 Raktų programeris palaiko darbą kartu su Windows operacine sistema ir Android. KD-X2 palaiko tokias funkcijas kaip: transponderių kopijavimas (96 bit 48chip, 46chip, 4Dchip, Toyota chip), sukuria chipu simuliacija, HCS pultu kopijavimas, įvairiu simuliacijų sukurimas/testavimas ir kt.

Pakuote sudaro:

1 x KEYDIY KD-X2 įranga
1 x PC kabelis
3 x Pulteliai
1 x Pultelių kabelis
1 x Papildomas kabelis
1 x Instrukcija/aprašymas

Būsena: Turime
Pristatymo laikas: 1-3 darbo dienos

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Atnaujinti įranga: Galima
Naudoti interneto ryšį: Galima
Garantija: 12 mėnesių

KEYDIY KD-X2 Car Transponder Programmer with ID48 96bit copy function

Top 6 Reasons to Get KD-X2 KEYDIY KD-X2:

1. Upgrade remote data service;
2. Improve the stability of remote upgrade;
3. Improve downloading speed and stability of the third party remote;
4. Generating the remote can get the kd-coins;
5. Coping chips by KD NB remotes can get KD-coins;
6. Generates garage door remote.

KEYDIY KD-X2 Introduction

  • Power supply: 2600mAh lithium battery; Charge method: USB 5V/1A
  • With 0.91inch OLED display screen.
  • Bluetooth BLE4.0 inside, work with mobile KD app by bluetooth connection
  • Can work with PC software by USB-B connection, and work with Android phone or tablet by OTG connection.
  • With PS-2 interface for connecting remotes to generate.
  • Three functional shortcut buttons: chip identification, remote identification and frequency detection.

Basic functions as below:

  1. Wired Generation.
  2. Wireless Generation.
  3. Mobile Phone Simulation.
  4. Garage Door Generation.
  5. Proximity Key Unlock.
  6. Frequency Detection.
  7. Infrared Detection.
  8. Access Card Copy.
  9. Fixed Code Remote Copy
  10. Online HCS Remote Copy.
  11. Online Chip Copy ( 96 bit 48chip, 46chip, 4Dchip, Toyota chip etc. )
  12. Chip Generation.
  13. Chip Editing.
  14. Chip Simulation.
  15. lgnition Coil detection.
  16. Remote Data Backup.
  17. Additional Functions Will be Available in Succession.
  18. Free Activation of 96 Bits 48 Transponder Copy  (No token required).

Kindly Notice:

After verification can calculate the ID 48 96bit.

Please use kd-coins to have a try. One Re time calculate need 150 kd-coins Generate one KD remote can get 20 coins. Copy one KD 46 chips by multifunctional function remote can get 10 more coins

How to use keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone for free?

keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone is released now, its APP is verified working fine on both Android and IOS, and to do ID48 clone for free you need to have enough tokens or kd-coins first.

How to get keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone authorization for free?

1. It will be charging 150 kd-coins for each key or $10usd token for each, you earn free k coins for every remote you generate with kdx2, you will get 20 k coins for each remote you generate with it , so every 8 remotes you generate you will get 1 free id48 clone , you cannot transfer tokens from other kd units to kdx2 as different tokens .

2. In mobile app you need make verification with your mobile phone number (IOS or Android is ok). once verified and registered within the app you will receive 50 kd-coins.

How to make verification?

Step 1: Tap „Me”.
Step 2: Tap „Certification”.
Step 3: Verify both sides of your ID card.
Step 4: You can see you user authorization succeed 50 KD-coins.
Step 5: You can tap „My KD-coins” to check how many kcoins you have.

Where to purchase k coins, can it be done through the app?

The answer is there’s no details of where and how to buy these yet, but they will be able to be bought, you can earn free K coins as follows:
1) every time you generate a remote using kdx2 you will receive 20 free k coins
2) every time you clone to a 46chip remote you receive 10 extra k coins

If in the store we are two operators how to synchronize kd-x2? to accumulate points?

Answer: As long as you both log in to same account on phone app and use the same kdx2 then points will go to same account, but if using another log in they will go to different accounts, also remotes generated by kd900, ks900+ and kd200 cannot get points

How to use KEYDIY KD-X2:

Notice: The following are some screenshots from the KEYDIY KD-X2 Operational video, If you want to watch the video, click the „Video”
besides the „Product Details” or watch it on YouTube:

How to Use KEYDIY KD-X2 to Identify Chip Type?

Put the chip you want to identify into the chip slot, then press the „Chip Identification” button.

Chip Function on Bluetooth App: