Foxwell GT80 Mini profesionali diagnostikos ir programavimo įranga


Foxwell GT80 Mini profesionali diagnostikos ir programavimo įranga palaikanti 67 gamintojus tarp USA/EU/Azijos. GT80 Mini yra greičiausia diagnostikos atlikimo įranga rinkoje! Automatiškai nuskenuoja VIN kodą, leidžia identifikuoti automobilį ir tiksliai atlikti pilną diagnostiką. Įranga leidžia ne tik atlikti pilną diagnostiką, parametrų stebėjimą, bet ir modulių programavimą, flashinimą, atlikti įvairius sistemos testavimus, resetinimus ir daug kitų profesionalių funkcijų. GT80 tai puikus pasirinkimas servisam/dirbtuvėms.

Package Contents:

1 x GT80 Mini kompiuteris
1 x Instrukcija
1 x OBD2 kabelis
1 x OBD/OBD2 adapteriai
1 x Cigaretes perejimas
1 x Clipper kabelis
1 x Lagaminas
1 x AC/DC pakrovėjas

Būsena: Užsakoma
Pristatymo laikas: 4-7 darbo dienos


Kalbos: Anglų, Rusų, Vokiečių,  Portugalų, Olandų, Ispanų, Prancuzų, Italų, Korėjos
Operacinės sistemos: Windows 10
Atnaujinti įranga: Galima (18 mėnesių NEMOKAMI atnaujinimai!)
Naudoti interneto ryšį: Galima
Garantija: 12 mėnesių
Gamintojas: FOXWELL
Kilmės šalis: Azija

Foxwell GT80 Mini funkcijos:

1. IP67 rating protects the GT80 Mini against dust, water, and absorb shocks and bumps
2. Fast boot-up and multitasking with INTEL QUAD- core processor
3. Bluetooth connection gives you freedom to move
4. 8” TFT Capacitive LCD touch screen that will respond to glove use
5. User friendly menu lets you quickly navigate to find what you need to get the vehicle fixed
6. Extensive vehicle coverage: over 67 Asian, American and European makes and 78 Chinese makes
7. Compatible with the latest 2015/2016 models
8. Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide
9. Gets access to powertrain, chassis and body systems
10. Identifies cars quickly and easily by automatic VIN acquisition
11. Quick test function to test most vehicle systems
12. Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes and resets MILs
13. Views live vehicle sensor data in text, graph and gauge format
14. Merges interactive live sensor graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
15. Live data self learning and alarming when live data over range
16. Records and playbacks your data logs for offline analysis
17. Runs component / system bi-directional tests
18. Supports adaptations and control module coding
19. Key coding for several vehicles
20. Supports the most commonly required service features like Injector coding, EPB, airbag, DPF, brake deactivation, service resets, ABS bleeding, BCM/SIR setup, TPS/TBA(Throttle Body Alignment) and transmission adaptations
21. Unique feature allows for quicker and more accurate fixes for your diagnostic troubles and bugs
22. Instant support available from our technical team by remote access


The GT80 Mini is faster than most scanners in the market. It’s equipped with an excellent INTEL QUAD-core pro censer, a32GB SSD hard drive and8″ TFT super-sensitive LCD screen that responds to glove use and greasy fingers. The WINDOWS10 PR0 operating system allows technicians to add other workshop applications and concentrate all applications on a single device. With this operating system, diagnostics can be done more quickly accurately and efficiently, saving both time and money.


Automatic VIN acquisition lets you identify the vehicle you are testing rapidly and accurately. When connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket, the GT80 Mini automatically retrieves the VIN code, or you can enter it manually to identify the model you are working on.

The GT80 Mini shows live vehicle sensor data in text, graph and gauge format to allow you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters. With the unique data parameter self-learning technology from Foxwell, the GT80 Mini provides unrivaled accurate diagnosis. lt gives you the ability to learn good live sensor data values during idle, KEK0, acceleration, deceleration, part load and heavy load on each vehicle comes into your shop and records them for future reference. lf that vehicle comes in with a problem, you can easily compare the faulty sensor and parameter readings to the good readings. Through sensor data leaning and comparing, diagnostics can be done more quickly, accurately and efficiently.


The GT80 Mini not only reads your codes, but it also actuates components, run system tests, program control modules. With the GT80 Mini, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, &actuators is made a simple task, saving your time and labor costs. lt gives you the ability to flash’ a control unit with new pro-gram data.

In addition, it lets you re code the transponder in a mechanical key or key fob. When a key for a modern vehicle is replaced, the new unit will often tum the mechanical switch but fail to initialize the system or start the vehicle.


Dust-proof, Water-proof and Drop-proof Touch Screen:
8″ diagonal, daylight readable color LCD screen; 1280*800 pixel
Dustproof and Waterproof Level: IP67
Anti-dropping Performance: Bare unit, 1.2M; with protector, 1.8M
Touch with Gloves: Supported;
Operating System : Windows 10 Pro
Processor: Intel BYT-CR Z3735F 1.33 GHZ QUAD
Core CPU 1.33GHz up to 1.83GHz
Memory: 2GB DDR3L (1333MHz)
SSD Hard drive: 32GB / 128GB
System Type: 32-bit operating systems, x64-based processor

Palaikomi automobilai:
The GT80 Mini provides professional diagnosis on more than 67 American, Asian and European vehicle makes. What’s also importance is accessible to a vast range of controllers (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.), live sensor data, and system / component-level bi-directional controls to get the job done faster. In addition, it accesses to the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service resets, and transmission adaptations.

Chrysler, Ford, GM, Brazilian GM (for Brazilian Market Only)

for Abarth, for Alfa-Romeo, for Audi, for Bentley, for BMW, for Bugatti, for Citroen, for Dacia, for EU Ford, for Fiat, for Jaguar, for Lancia, for Land Rover, for Maserati, for Maybach, for Mercedes Benz, for Mini, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Renault, for Porsche, for Saab, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Sprinter, for Vauxhall, for Volvo, for VW

for Au Ford (for Australian Market Only), for Acura, for Brilliance, for BYD, for Chery, for Daewoo, for Geely, for Great Wall, for Honda, for Holden (for Australian Market Only), for Hyundai, for Infiniti, for Isuzu, for JAC, for Kia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Perodua, for Proton, for Scion, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota, for Tata and Mahindra

The GT80 Mini is compatible with Four-channel Oscilloscopes, which are able to observe the changes of electrical signals overtime. With a FOXWELL Oscilloscope 0S100 connected to the GT80 Mini, users are able to find intermittent wiring and connector faults quickly. The modern user interface is easy to use. We leave space free for what matters: your waveform displayed in crisp, clear high resolution. Features such as auto setup, tutorials and guided tests quickly get new users up to speed.

18-Mėnesių nemokami atnaujinimai:
Every unit has access to 18 months of free updates. With internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionality at yourf1ngertips. Updates are released regularly, and existing codes continue to operate even after the18 month free update period expires.