BMW seat mat emulatorius (EU version) + seat belt emulatorius (E90/E91/E92/E93)


BMW seat mat emulatorius (EU version) + seat belt emulatorius (E90/E91/E92/E93) Plug and Play! Lengvai pajungiamas, tereikia pajungti ir automatiskai prades veikti. Emuliatorius pagamintas EU ir ištestuotas.

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1 x BMW seat mat emulatorius (EU version) + seat belt emulatorius (E90/E91/E92/E93)

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The device fits European BMW 3 Series models :

# E90 – Sedan
# E91 – Station wagon
# E92 – Coupe
# E93 – Convertible

  1. Having trouble with the AIRBAG / SRS indicator on your dashboard?
  2. Have you diagnosed a damaged mat in your car?
  3. Do you want to feel safe and be sure that your airbags will work?

SOLUTION is our diagnostic device:

  • One housing – two devices!
  • Original plug – PLUG & PLAY
  • Easy assembly – just replace the mat plug with the emulator plug!
  • The device is manufactured in the EU and tested.
  • We provide detailed assembly instructions.

ATTENTION, the emulator does not fit cars from the USA!



  • The emulator sends the same signal to the airbag controller as the mat when a passenger is sitting on the seat – the passenger’s airbag will always be activated in the event of an accident . Therefore, once the device is installed in the vehicle, the child must not be transported in the child safety seat on the front seat!
  • The light will only go out if it was on due to a damaged seat mat. Usually, it is necessary to fix the bug. The seat belt emulator should be connected instead of the seat belt buckle in order to get rid of the signal / indicator of unbuckled seat belt.
  • Important! The emulator is a device that diagnoses the correct operation of the installation in the car, allowing you to check whether the error displayed on the dashboard is caused by a damaged mat. When installing it permanently, you do it at your own risk.