PCMFlash / Моdule #51 China


PCMFlash / Мodule 51 China

PCM security key you need to buy seperetly, for adding each module. You can order PCM security key by clicking here.

Package Contents:

1 x Module #51 China

Warehouse: In stock
Activation time: From 1 to 24 hours


Моdule 51 China

Supported 51 China Vehicles ECU’s:

Chery / Great Wall / Lifan ME17 (ME17.8.8)
Great Wall MED17 (MED17.8.10)
Geely ME17 (ME17.8.8.1)
Geely / Great Wall / LuxGen MT80 K-Line
Geely / Great Wall / LuxGen MT80 CAN-bus

Read  / Write / KC


RD – Read
VR – Virtual Read (Converter or Stock files access)
WR – Write

ATTENTION! To use PCMflash, you need electronic USB security key, its one time purchase, after possible to add more modules on your own key. You can order PCM security key by clicking here.

ATTENTION! Please, make a Double Check what you are ordering and make no mistake with the choice, if you order wrong module we couldn`t help you.

The module is non-refundable electronic software.

If you have any doubts about your skills, it is better not to purchase this product.

ATTENTION! PCM software does not contain any hex/bin/map editor. You should use any third-party’s programs for example WinOLS, BitEdit etc.

IF you have already PCM FLASH key – we can make you activation of any module which you need.

IF you need several modules for One USB KEY – please inform us we will make you a new product with needed modules.

Please note that on weekends and holidays PCMflash modules may not be activated. In this case, activation requests will be processed on business days. Buy the necessary modules in advance!