OBDeleven PRO version activation code


OBDeleven device becomes a professional diagnostic tool upgraded with PRO license, which provides the functionality of complex and expensive diagnostic systems. Operating with easy to use application it allows you to fully access all car systems, program, monitor and activate various functions via your Android devices.

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1 x OBDeleven PRO activation code

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Automatically identify vehicle from VIN
Read / clear trouble codes from all control units
Read information about control unit
Share diagnostic data log via email
Observe battery status
Log connected cars history
Engine, Equipment and fault code lookup
Advanced control unit information
Live data / Charts
Sub control units information
Security access / Login finder
Control unit reset (UDS)
Diagnostic service change
CAR backup and programming history
Easy to remove device
Coding / Coding II / Long coding X
Sub control units coding X
Gateway installation list X
Adaptation / Long adaptation X
Basic settings X
Output test X