Mercedes-benz + BMW + VAG + Panasonic Touch-book CF-19 i5/4GB/1TB SSD professional diagnostic and programming device


Mercedes-Benz + BMW + VAG + Panasonic Touch-book CF-19 i5/4GB/1TB SSD Professional diagnostic and programming device three in ONE! Thats correct, we make ready system for Mercedes/BMW/VAG group! You may choose which C4/C5 device you like and add ICOM A2/A3 + BONUS we will add VAS5054A and make ODIS ready system to work! This super SET is made for professional workshops what could be better for fully functional workshop!

Package contains:

1 x MB STAR C4/C5 set (Optional)
1 x ICOM A2+B+C / A3 NEXT set (Optional)
1 x VAS5054A
1 x OBD2 cable (MB)
1 x 38 PIN cable (MB)
1 x 14 PIN cable (MB)
1 x 4 PIN cable (MB)
1 x LAN cable (MB)
1 x ICOM B Most (BMW)
1 x 20PIN cable (BMW)
1 x OBD2 cable (BMW)
1 x USB cable (BMW)
1 x LAN cable (BMW)
1 x WIFI adapter (BMW)
1 x Panasonic Touch-book CF-19 i5/4GB
1 x 1TB SSD

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English, German
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Software version: Xentry + Vediamo + DTS maonaco + WIS EPC
Connection: USB/WIFI
Operating systems:
Windows 7 Ultimate (Ready to work)
System updates: Available
Internet connections: Available
12 months